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“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God,

even to them that believe on his name.” John 1:12.



If I could tell how to become a son of a monarch or a

millionaire I would get many eager listeners. To be a child of God involves

much more: much more in the life that now is — much more in the life which is to



I. What is Involved in being a Child of God?

1. Our absolute security in this present life.

2. The supply of every real need. Matthew 6:8. Not every fancied need.

3. Joy. The child of God must be happy, for this is God’s world.

4. Peace.

5. Likeness to God. The one who becomes a child of God must ultimately

become like God. 1_John 3:1-2.

6. Infinite joy hereafter. Romans 8:17.

crossfamily250II. How may We Become Sons of God?

But some one may say, “Are we not already sons of God?” We are not. We are all

God’s offspring (Acts 17:28), i.e., we are His creative work, and man was

originally made in God’s image, but we are not all sons of God in any such full

sense as involves the things just mentioned. John 1:12; Galatians 3:26; John 8:44.

Any hopes built upon the supposition that all men are God’s sons, are built upon

the sinking sand, and they will fall some day and crush you.

How, then? John 1:12. Simply receiving Jesus makes us sons of God. What is it to

receive Jesus? We cannot afford to make any mistake here, too much depends

upon it, too much in the life that now is — too much in the life to come.

What is it–etc.? What is it to receive any man?


It is to take him as that for which he offers himself. If a man offers himself as a

physician, to receive or take him, is to take him as your physician, and to put the

care of your health into his hands. If any man offers himself as a husband, to

receive him or take him is to accept him as your husband. Any young man or

young woman knows when a young man says to a young woman, “I want to

be your husband, will you take me?” just what he means. Now, to receive Jesus is

just to take Him as He offers Himself.

1. He offers Himself as our atoning Savior, as the one who bore our sins in

His own body on the cross. Matthew 20:28. Will you take Him as that?

2. He offers Himself as our deliverer from sin’s power. John 8:36.

3. He offers Himself as our rest-giver. Matthew 11:28. Will you take Him as


4. He offers Himself as our teacher. John 13:13; Matthew 23:8. Will you

take Him as that? Will you submit your mind to Him for Him to teach you

what He will, accepting of His teaching as the truth of God?

5. He offers Himself as our way of access to God, and as the incarnation of

the truth, and as our life. John 14:6. Will you take Him as this?

6. He offers Himself as our King. John 1:12. Will you take Him as your


7. He offers Himself as our Lord and God. John 5:22-23. Will you accept

Him for all that He has offered Himself, or may offer Himself, studying

more and more to know all that He does offer Himself to be? Of course this

is an act of faith, but it means that you will become sons of God.

III. Who may Become Sons of God in this Way?

Any one (read the text). How sweeping it is. It leaves no one out. You may be the

ripest scholar, or you may be utterly without education, but if you receive Jesus,

instantly you become a child of God.

You may be a person of amiable, attractive and lovely character, or you may be the

vilest sinner. I know a man who was deep in sin, utterly enslaved; he was deep in

unbelief also, but one day he received Jesus — took Him for all He wished to be to


him, and he became a child of God. God gave him evidence of sonship by setting

him free from the bondage of sin, sending His Spirit into his heart bearing witness,


CONCLUSION. — It is possible for any one to become a child of God this

moment. Do you wish to? You must accept Jesus, that is all. Will you do it? Ah,

some of you hesitate! How foolish! Can this world offer anything so good, so

glorious, for time and eternity as becoming a child of God?

I know a man who once had this same opportunity put before him. At first he

thought he would accept it, but then he thought again and said, “No, I better not, I

am a lawyer, and it may interfere with my practice.” He rejected the opportunity.

He went right down and became an infidel, as so many become who resist God’s

Spirit and God’s love. He sank lower yet. From a place of prominence he became

despised for his low acts, and could get no clients. He became the laughing stock

of the community. It was a life thrown away. Yes, and an eternity thrown away.


May Christ be with you;

Rev. M. Cohen

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